Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON









Having hard times?

All of us inevitably face hardships.

The bigger the adversity, the further a person is propelled to create a better life for himself and family.

I find that many of the champions in sports and in life have had to overcome extreme odds due to some kind of disadvantage.

Although we don't know it at the time, the process of overcoming overwhelming difficulties is the requirement for success.

Marcos Souza, like myself came to Japan at age 19 and had to work in factories, hard labour, training and teaching jiu-jitsu in his free time. Never saving more than 100,000yen for the first five years.

He wanted to quit and return to Brazil several times and especially after the death of his father.

Ten years later, he has several gyms in Japan and Brazil, dozens of affiliate gyms across the world and is a World Champion in BJJ and MMA.

Most of all, he is a leader and role model, providing a living for and taking care of many under his arm.

I am proud and grateful to call Marcos, Satoshi, Kleber a part of our extended family.

Remember that adversity is an advantage in life when you remain positive and humble.