Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON









What should I do? How do you make your toughest decisions?

Some times I look at the photo of my great great great grandfather.  A samurai from Tozawa, Yamagata.  He seems about 30 in this photo but calm and wise.  I ask myself; ‘what would he decide in this situation?’

I’m sure even back then in the Edo era there were strifes and conflicts, many of the same stresses we have today. However, I think Samurai accepted what they were put on this earth to do.

They lived in service of a lord and strove for glory in victory.  Even in defeat, if they lived by the code, there was honor to be had.

These days we don’t seem to live in service of others.  If there is a code, it is vague and not followed by too many.  We don’t think of our professions as a ticket received from god. We worry how we will be judged by people we have never met before.

A couple hundred years hasn’t changed our feeling of duty to service of others.

We strive to protect and improve the lives of our families, our teammates our customers, those who aren’t as lucky as we are.

What has changed is the increased clutter of information and noise that distracts us from knowing what we are put earth to do.

Each and every one of us have been given a ticket from God.  Let’s use it before it expires.