Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON







6月9日Differ Ariakeに於いてQUINTET FIGHT NIGHTにTEAM HALEO出場。強豪の一人一人が、今回はチームとしてお互いのために戦うことにプライド、名誉、楽しみを感じている。👊

Great teams are built only when each member has trust and respect for each other.

They are not built on best talent alone.  Everyone of us has strengths and weaknesses and as teammates we are aware of them.

The best teams are able to address their teammates weaknesses not by thinking less or speaking ill of them but being able to support the weakness with the strength of other teammates.

It doesn't take a specially empathetic person to do so, it is a matter of their level of commitment to the team, being able to put one's own ego aside for the team's success.

Although the coach, captain or leader may influence this, a team only truly reaches full potential when each and every member carries such commitment to the team.

After many years as a business leader, even though the formula is so simple and well known, it still is something I struggle to achieve.

On 6/9 at Differ Ariake, follow TEAM HALEO as we compete at QUINTET FIGHT NIGHT.

Individually we are strong.  This time we feel the fun, pride and honor to fight for each other as a team. 👊

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