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後悔の痛みはハードワークの痛みよりも強く、深い。Welcome Coach Dai! #sendai89ers –
Are you struggling in life right now? 
The fact is we will always be struggling in life, no matter what age or financial situation we are at.

I’ve been broke, in debt $600,000 with no conceivable way to pay back, been in jail, had successful businesses with money pouring in and can tell you no matter where you are in life, you will always be struggling and suffering.  Every single day of our lives.

The only difference is: Are you struggling to stay in the same comfortable place? Or are you struggling to become stronger?

I hate it when long time employees quit but only when they are quitting to pursue an easier life elsewhere.

In the basketball business, I dislike losing a player to a different team.  But if the player chooses the other team because they don’t want to leave their comfort zone, I know they aren’t the type of player we need.

I’m struggling right now because I’m trying to contribute to three companies at the same time.  With each company I’m pushing for directions we haven’t gone before.  Directions that require skill sets I don’t possess.

But I chose this struggle because I know it is the fastest path to a stronger me.  No, it’s the only path. I’m forced to learn, adapt and evolve or die.

Embrace the struggle but be honest about which struggle you are fighting. To stay in the same place or to become a bigger, better you.  Choose your struggle.

The pain of regret is hurts more than the pain of hard work.

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