Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON


やり直し / Second Try


満足する製品に仕上げるため、一から数々の調整とテストを繰り返しました。 HALEOプロテインバーはこれまで最も困難な製品だったかも知れません(とはいえ、RAPTORのプロジェクトはもっと時間がかかったので挫折しかけたのですが。)



次に、この製品は殆どが手作りです。 職人が製造に慣れてくればより効率的に製造できるようになると思いますが、最初はすべてが時間のかかる手作りです。決して効率的でない製造法と成分は高品質なものにこだわったため、お客様に寄り添うことのできる自信を持った製品を提供いたします。





I am watching the first ever 20g Milk Protein, Non baked Made in Japan Protein bars roll out of the wrapping line with a mixed feelings of accomplishment and anxiety.

About two months ago, I made the painful decision to scrap the first batch of a first of its kind protein bar in Japan, the moment I opened the wrapper and took a bite.  After over a year of development, all testing cleared and ready, I ordered the bars to be disposed of because I felt they did not meet the expectations we have of a protein bar under the HALEO brand.

Since then we went back and made numerous adjustments and testing to achieve a more satisfactory product. The HALEO Protein Bar may have been the most difficult product to make to date (Although the RAPTOR project took longer and was almost given up on).

Finally, we are preparing for release a second time but we still face some big challenges, I want to share with our supporters:

First, our bar contains no preservatives.  This means the longest shelf life we can give it is 4 months at a maximum.  Even though the bars are fine up to 4 months in terms of quality, for best taste and texture experience, I wish everyone eats them within one month from the day they are made. #haleo