Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON



友人である @ak69_official が遅延型アレルギー検査の結果、乳製品とグルテンが陽性であると判明したため、全成分植物ベースのプロテインの開発を始めました。



そして誕生したのがHALEOネイティブです。 弊社のコンセプトは、加工、添加物、保存料を最低限に抑え、植物性成分のみを使用したハイパフォーマンスサプリメントを製造することです。

現在ロゴを考案中です。一つに絞るのはなかなか難しいですね。ぜひ皆さんのお好みをお知らせください。いつもご協力ありがとうございます。🙏 –
Started to develop an all plant based protein for a friend, AK69 who got a full allergy screen showing intolerances to dairy and gluten.  An intolerance is a very mild allergenic reaction, one that we likely wouldn't notice in daily lives but over time may hinder our performance.  We all have them so testing periodically is a good idea if possible.

The weakness of plant proteins compared to dairy is that they are lower in some of the key amino acids for muscle support including Leucine.

However, recent evidence shows how we can create a similar effect of whey with the addition of certain types of probiotics and digestive enzymes to boost amino acid uptake.

So, HALEO NATIVE is born.  Our concept is to develop high performance nutrition using only plant origin ingredients with minimal processing, additives and preservatives.

Currently in the process of developing our logo, please help me out and let me know which you like best!  I have a tough time choosing. Thank you always guys! 🙏 #HALEO