Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON


Worth It?



弊社を選んでくださる皆様このチャンスに心から感謝します。決して無駄にはしません。🙏🙏🙏#HALEO #バルクスポーツ #bulksports #madeinjapan🇯🇵

When I started this thing, I looked at the 40 bottles of protein in my closet and saw future of making a living doing what I love.

Yesterday I looked at just one row of one of our warehouses and saw something different.

With each of our products in every case, in each pallet, there so many people whose livelihoods are involved.

At times the weight of responsibility for those livelihoods can be overbearing.  It can be lonely and frightening in this position.

To overcome, I sit down and feel the same gratitude as I had when we went days without one sale and then one customer would chose us.

Thank you to all for giving us this chance.  I won't waste it. 💯