Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON










After many long hours (at least 1.5 years in the making), so much effort and coming so close to completion, not being able to deliver on a promise is heartbreaking.

Several days ago I was at the factory overseeing the final production run and everything seemed fine.

Somewhere between that time, packaging and delivery to our warehouse, the bars became a condition that is not satisfactory.

This is always a struggle when creating something that has not yet been done. We have to put the product out and constantly improve on the formula until we reach a level that exceeds our expectations. There are many factors that we are unable to see or calculate that make us take a step back.

In business just like in life, we cannot win each battle and even with the greatest efforts we sometimes fall short.

However, we are here for the long term, so if we need to start from zero again, we will and we WILL get it right.

I apologize to all of our customers who have been waiting with high expectations.
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