Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON


Process > Destination



それが成功のレシピと知って毎日毎日同じことが出来れば、すでに勝利したのと同じである。#haleo #haleotopteam @aaaaaaaabmdtmag222 –
Embrace the process not the destination. Some things are learned only through experience. –
Those who have experienced great victories understand the true value is not the Champion ring, belt or trophy. The reward for years of blood sweat and tears is not found in the awards, rankings and accolades. –
The true value is found only in the process. It's understanding that enduring the pain of training, staying consistent throughout the monotony of routine and being scared shitless but doinging it anyway, no, purposely – is the true reward.

When you are able to do this day in and day out, knowing it is the recipe for success, you have already won.