Bodyplus international CEO DAVID HALTON


漫画ベイビーステップの私のキャラクター(エリック・ホルトン)は主人公栄ちゃんのメンタル・トレーナー的な存在です。 この号で私は栄ちゃんの試合を見に行き、栄ちゃんはサポートされていることを感じます。 実世界でも私はしばしばアスリートや芸能人たちの試合やステージ前と最中の厳しい時間を共にします。 そんな立場にあることをとても有難いと思っています。

HALEO TOP TEAMの皆さん、いつもありがとう!

My character in the Manga Baby Step (Eric Halton) acts as kind of a mental trainer to the main character Eichan. In this issue I go to watch Eichan's match and it gives him a sense of support.

In real life I also spend much time with athletes and entertainers backstage before and during their challenging moments. I feel blessed to have such a role in their lives.

I think it is I who derives the most benefit of being with athletes before big games.
The raw emotions of such life or death situations and the mentality of going to war are triggered when they lay dormant in regular daily life.

I always come away thinking about how I can create such situations with my teams in business and knowing that I need to push myself to a higher level in my own profession.

To all HALEO TOP TEAM – Thank you!
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